September 9-20 2020

Uncertainty and ecology

Uncertainty and ecology are two of the keywords in this year’s edition that pose two big questions that haunt us at this time of the global pandemic. Interconnected between them they have become the sword of Damocles that guides our future present in front of us. The Ars Electronica Garden in Barcelona aims to account for the diversity of ways in which the arts, sciences, technologies and thought are facing the endless possibilities that fly over our times. Going from the unexpected, the changing of life in all its aspects with its accidents and catastrophes, to the ecology, and its systemic interaction between biotic and abiotic factors, we need to address all human and non-human agents which are populating and constructing the environment. In this will to interconnect politics with technology and nature the city of Barcelona, within Catalonia, is here presented through a network of heterogeneous agents made of individuals, nodes, clusters or hubs connecting between each other and to the world.